Aloe Vera Recipes for Skin

The cactus plant, Aloe vera is used for so many health purposes, you simply can’t be without it. There are many aloe vera recipes for skin, and the clear gel, secreted from the plant, is applied to the skin to soothe and heal it. Aloe Vera recipes for skin always include the popular eye gel, so effective for that fragile, dry skin around the eyes. All you need is 30gr of aloe vera gel and 55gr of cucumber puree. Add the mixture into a sterilized jar and refrigerate. How soothing it is for the skin under the eyes and its great for reducing puffiness. There are also good Reasons to drink aloe vera juice, and in fact the juiced, literally packed with vitamins and folic acid is guaranteed, to strengthen the immune system. Drinking aloe vera juice regularly will certainly help you maintain your health because the gel actually replenishes your body with essential amino acids. Not only that, inflammation is a huge problem and drinking aloe vera inhibits inflammation, and the best part, there are no side effects!

Aloe vera recipes for skin

Natural cosmetics DIY

Natural cosmetics DIY: Make-up that will make you want to switch

Itchy, red, and watering eyes needn’t be your lot if you switch to natural cosmetics DIY. When you Make the switch to DIY natural make-up, you won’t have to contend with discomfort and expense, anymore. Yes, the market these days is flooded with natural and organic products, and there are indeed some good natural products available, but the most natural way is to simply make your own. Natural cosmetics DIY is not as difficult as some people think. You can use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey, and baking soda. If you make your own lipstick, you can actually buy most of the products at your local health store. If you can’t find the pigments there, you can shop for them online. Your own natural lipstick that won’t dry the lips out has ingredients such as beeswax, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil. Once you have followed the recipe for making the lipstick, you’ll find your lips are moist and very kissable at the same time.

Affordable Natural Cosmetics Online


Demand for natural is back. Catrice is an affordable natural cosmetics line originally founded in Germany, launched in the year 2004. What people appreciate about buying these natural cosmetics online is that these natural products take only minutes each day to apply, but they can affect your looks for a lifetime. The German cosmetic brand is known for being affordable, popular and the products are found in many areas of the country and many countries abroad. The models in Berlin Fashion Week wore the makeup, proving it is a sought after European product with an affordable price tag. No more make-up which can burn and blister. Catrice lip colour, for instance, contains softening emollients and moisturisers that help prevent dryness in the harshest winters. The company, have studied make-up and carefully formulated products to suit local conditions. Catrice make-up is so reasonably priced you can buy a selection of natural cosmetics online to match all outfits and occasions. Try their mousse foundation, it is easy to apply and turns to a powder on your face, feels really nice, and their nude lipstick is super smooth in an elegant case. If you want to improve your natural look then try Catrice, you will not be disappointed.

Natural glow cosmetics

Natural glow cosmetics: What they are and where to get them?

Who wouldn’t want a face which glows with vitality, and with natural glow cosmetics, even those with skin which isn’t flawless will be able to achieve attractive looks with this makeup. More and more people are waking up to the dangers of using chemical-laden cosmetics. You can choose from natural, organic products which are non-toxic and eco-friendly and which come from top brands like Zoya and Giovanni, among others. Natural glow cosmetics are well known for their ability to give old and young skins that natural luminous look so that it glimmers with a healthy radiance. Of course, these products wouldn’t be so attractive if they weren’t also so easy to use, appealing to anyone who wants a healthy glow to their skin. Don’t think for one minute they’re out of your reach because when you get a loan at you’re able to set yourself up with these excellent products that will put you on the road to a smooth, dewy, healthy complexion.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Tips for Acne Prone Skin

It’s hard to know what to do to keep acne prone skin looking clean, fresh and free of breakouts. Although it may feel like it, it’s not a lost cause. Just follow these top 5 beauty tips for acne free skin.

1) Clean your make-up brushes – Brushes should be washed once to twice a month with a gentle facial cleanser and sponges should be replaced.

2) Sanitize your phone – Smartphones are handled so frequently that they can become more contaminated than toilets! The germs and dirt are then transferred to your face every time you make a call. To limit breakouts, wipe down your phone with an antibacterial wipe once a day.

3) Cleanse – Always remove make-up before bed and wash face in the morning and at night with a gentle cleanser.

4) Exfoliate – Exfoliate once a week to remove built up dirt and grime and to shrink pores.

5) Moisturize – Many moisturizers contain ingredients that dry the skin, so look for one that minimizes dryness and peeling.Noncomedogenic moisturizers are best as they won’t cause breakouts.

Note – Natural ingredients are a great way to treat pimples as they don’t contain dyes or parabens and they are usually cost-effective however, two Natural ingredients not to use for acne are rubbing alcohol and coconut oil.

Rubbing alcohol will eliminate oil and shine however, it is too drying for your face and will cause inflammation and redness. Coconut oil is hydrating and anti-bacterial but it is likely to clog pores due to its ultra-greasy nature. Stay clear of both of these natural remedies for clearer skin and incorporate these top 5 tips for acne prone skin.

Hair and beauty shop online

Hair and beauty shop online

The internet is the largest market for hair and beauty products with natural ingredients. Millions of people prefer to buy from hair and beauty shop online because of the best deals that they can get. The idea of getting stuck in traffic or hustling to get a parking space in a Mall and other inconveniences are forcing people to shop online. However, not everybody is finding it easy and enjoying all the offers that online shopping is offering especially when you’re looking for product with natural ingredients. As much as it is easy and comfortable to buy beauty products online, you need to know how to find the best product with natural ingredients. You have thousands of stores to shop from to find exactly what you want. By using search engine, plug-ins and websites that offer price comparison services, you’ll be able to get the latest deals. When you sign up to some of these price comparison service provider, you will always get a notification when a cheap hair and beauty product is posted online. This is much better than searching through every hair and beauty shop online looking for something you like. Some of the price comparison services include: • Google shopping • Nextag • Pricegrabber • • Shopzilla • • Bing Shopping • • Use these services to get the best price for all the hair and beauty products with natural ingredients.

Much Loved Sugar being Touted as ‘Killer Sugar’

Sugar, sugar, sugar – I’m sick and tired of hearing about all the danger we inflict upon ourselves by consuming sugar.  Everyone needs a little sweet once in a while. Like I’ve said before, I’m always looking at ways and means to live a little bit more naturally like eating organic foods when I can and using toxic free substances on my skin. Lately I’ve been thinking that some of the problems I have with my skin could be laid at the feet of sugar.

no sugar for a healthy you

A little bit of research has revealed to me that sugar is in just about everything, from soft drinks, to alcohol, baked goods and even salad dressings which I’ve always thought were fairly healthy. It seems to me that medical experts and dietitians are saying that sugar is actually at the root of so many problems. High blood pressure, headaches, arthritis, heart disease and skin problems. Medical experts are telling us to not just cut down on sugar but to cut it out completely. They say sugar reduces immunity and that immune cells, when they are under the influence of sugar, aren’t able to fight off invaders and that sugar is also responsible for poor nutrient absorption. Please if anyone out there knows more and has cut sugar out of their lives, I want to hear from you.

Know whats Going into Your System


There was a time when you could trust fruit and vegetables for their wholesome goodness, but have you often wondered why they are available now throughout the year? Modification, and this is totally unnatural. I think that trying to find natural products on a sensitive skin is just half the battle – you’ve to try and work from the inside out. What you put into your system is going to going to pretty much help with the way you look and feel. I’ve discovered that a lot of our food is treated with chemicals and preservatives. So what is the use of trying to find natural products for the skin when you’re putting a whole lot of rubbish into your system.

 tartrazine. - a dangerous food dye

Just look at tartrazine. Its a food dye used in a lot of the stuff we eat every day. All those orange flavored snacks we love, butter and margarine, orange cheese and yes, even in some lotions. Research has shown that there is a possible link between tartrazine and hyperactivity in children. I just say read labels, and wherever you can buy organic products if you are able to. At least try and understand some of the additives and horrible preservatives you find in foods that you innocently chow every day.

I’m Getting Wise to the Best Beauty Tricks for Sensitive Skin

I’ve told you that like many others, I enjoy sitting in coffee shops working on my laptop or catching up on good reading matter. But I’ve often wondered what my skin has to endure when I find myself sitting in a smoking area in a coffee shop or anywhere else for that matter. Dirt, grime, smoke and even perspiration… name it, it clogs your pores, especially mine, as my skin attracts trouble! I’ve had my fair share of fighting blackheads and I’m always looking out for  natural face washes which are gentle and which are designed to help with blackheads.

natural skin care

One natural beauty product that I’ve discovered that gives my skin an antioxidant treatment is a mix of fresh berries and pineapples. What I love is not only are these fruits amazing for eating, you rub a little on your face, leave on for about 20 minutes and then rinse off. I’ve done my research on these fruit beauty tricks and you just have to be aware, because there are some fruits that you can put on more often and others less, like some of the citrus fruits. I’m sooooo careful about what I put on my sensitive skin, and now I also make my own face mist to soothe my skin with ingredients such as aloe vera, rose water and witch hazel. Got some natural beauty tricks that work for sensitive skin – please let me know.

Softening Natural Emolients for Lips

I always hold that a little bit of makeup can do wonders to liven up your looks a bit. I get my friends thinking quite a bit when I say to them ‘what would you choose first if you could choose just one make-up item to take with you to a faraway island. The answers are always interesting, but I must say the answer is most unanimous – and lipstick and mascara are usually the choice. I must admit I love a good lipstick myself, especially enhanced with a fruity flavoured lip gloss.


I’ve done quite a bit of research lately on makeup and am quite appalled at what goes into the making of them. Its made me determined to go the all-natural route, of course, where possible!With my relentless search, I’ve come across websites offering 100% natural, pure and organic cosmetics. With a skin that pricks, stings and breaks out into nasty rashes with the slightest provocation, this pricked my interest. Our skins absorb every little thing you put on it, and my skin responds with clogged pores and a dull look. As a matter of fact, much more goes into our blood stream via our skin than via our mouth. Therefore it becomes obvious that it is not just important to be vary about what we put in our mouth, but also what we put on your skin. I’m so excited about these natural beauty products and I’ll keep you posted on my findings. Meantime, let me know of any of your great natural finds.