Bad Things Lurking Behind the Glossiness

These days I have been reading a lot about dangerous and toxic chemicals used in our everyday cosmetics and the risks they pose to our health.

Cosmetics manufacturers have used toxic ingredients which have helped to give our hair, skin and nails that extra shine, gloss and healthy looks. While they’ve done a lot to give us shimmery good looks, they have been quietly doing a lot of bad things too.

The question is, do nail polishes need these chemicals to give us glossy fingertips and toes? Will non-toxic nail polishes have staying power? Will you get the fantastic color range that the toxic nail polishes bring  out? Research on the Internet shows that many people have tried the formaldehyde free nail polishes out and found the colours they want, albeit from different brands, found they also held up well with regards to chipping and that they were virtually odor-free.

Natural Water-Based Polishes
It is time to take a step in the right direction with regards to beauty products and your health. Go the less toxic route and choose bottles of 5-free nail polish, and be free of dangerous toxins. Water based polishes are free of the 5 chemicals commonly found in nail polishes. Water based nail polishes are made up mostly of water. With painting, the water evaporates and the residue leaves a hard coat of polish on your nails.

Do yourself a favour and make an effort to lower your exposure to toxic chemicals by looking at the fabulous water based formulas. Some 5 free nail polish brands are Dazzle Dry, Zoya, RGB Cosmetics, Helen E, Dashing Diva and Lippmann among others.  Some water based brands are Acquarella, AllyKats, Scotch Naturals, Rrefreshingly Free and Piggy Paint.

Its time to go natural. Start throwing out those toxic nail polishes and choose nail polishes which are safe for pregnant women to use as well as small children. Leading brands have come up with a collection of nail polishes inspired by health, and this caring factor has helped these brands rise to fame.