Softening Natural Emolients for Lips

I always hold that a little bit of makeup can do wonders to liven up your looks a bit. I get my friends thinking quite a bit when I say to them ‘what would you choose first if you could choose just one make-up item to take with you to a faraway island. The answers are always interesting, but I must say the answer is most unanimous – and lipstick and mascara are usually the choice. I must admit I love a good lipstick myself, especially enhanced with a fruity flavoured lip gloss.


I’ve done quite a bit of research lately on makeup and am quite appalled at what goes into the making of them. Its made me determined to go the all-natural route, of course, where possible!With my relentless search, I’ve come across websites offering 100% natural, pure and organic cosmetics. With a skin that pricks, stings and breaks out into nasty rashes with the slightest provocation, this pricked my interest. Our skins absorb every little thing you put on it, and my skin responds with clogged pores and a dull look. As a matter of fact, much more goes into our blood stream via our skin than via our mouth. Therefore it becomes obvious that it is not just important to be vary about what we put in our mouth, but also what we put on your skin. I’m so excited about these natural beauty products and I’ll keep you posted on my findings. Meantime, let me know of any of your great natural finds.