I’m Getting Wise to the Best Beauty Tricks for Sensitive Skin

I’ve told you that like many others, I enjoy sitting in coffee shops working on my laptop or catching up on good reading matter. But I’ve often wondered what my skin has to endure when I find myself sitting in a smoking area in a coffee shop or anywhere else for that matter. Dirt, grime, smoke and even perspiration…..you name it, it clogs your pores, especially mine, as my skin attracts trouble! I’ve had my fair share of fighting blackheads and I’m always looking out forĀ  natural face washes which are gentle and which are designed to help with blackheads.

natural skin care

One natural beauty product that I’ve discovered that gives my skin an antioxidant treatment is a mix of fresh berries and pineapples. What I love is not only are these fruits amazing for eating, you rub a little on your face, leave on for about 20 minutes and then rinse off. I’ve done my research on these fruit beauty tricks and you just have to be aware, because there are some fruits that you can put on more often and others less, like some of the citrus fruits. I’m sooooo careful about what I put on my sensitive skin, and now I also make my own face mist to soothe my skin with ingredients such as aloe vera, rose water and witch hazel. Got some natural beauty tricks that work for sensitive skin – please let me know.