Know whats Going into Your System


There was a time when you could trust fruit and vegetables for their wholesome goodness, but have you often wondered why they are available now throughout the year? Modification, and this is totally unnatural. I think that trying to find natural products on a sensitive skin is just half the battle – you’ve to try and work from the inside out. What you put into your system is going to going to pretty much help with the way you look and feel. I’ve discovered that a lot of our food is treated with chemicals and preservatives. So what is the use of trying to find natural products for the skin when you’re putting a whole lot of rubbish into your system.

 tartrazine. - a dangerous food dye

Just look at tartrazine. Its a food dye used in a lot of the stuff we eat every day. All those orange flavored snacks we love, butter and margarine, orange cheese and yes, even in some lotions. Research has shown that there is a possible link between tartrazine and hyperactivity in children. I just say read labels, and wherever you can buy organic products if you are able to. At least try and understand some of the additives and horrible preservatives you find in foods that you innocently chow every day.